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Autumn Shropshire Landscape Photography Workshop

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One day Landscape Photography Workshop.
Location : Ironbridge and the Shropshire hills
This is the perfect time of the year to capture the stunning colours of Autumn
A great way for a beginner to landscape photography, or if you are more experienced, a great way to improve and extend your skills.

Suitable for beginners and advanced photographers, with a minimum of 8 hours tuition and ending approx 1 hour after sunset.

You will not only learn to shoot perfect landscapes, but how to master your camera settings and become an accomplished landscape photographer

This Landscape Photography workshop has been designed to offer you the opportunity to explore & capture this beautiful area, with the potential to return home with a superb collection of professional quality photographs.

Your course will start with the emphasis on the technical side of landscape photography.
You will learn how to set up your digital SLR so that it is working to its full potential.
You will be shown how to take full control of your camera and equipment to consistently get the results you want!
You will learn how to focus the image correctly and understand the use of depth of field. Understand the use of the histogram, to obtain the correct exposure levels to record shadow and highlight detail.
We will also explore the use of filters, including neutral density graduated filters & the polariser.

The course will concentrate on your creative skills and how you can develop strong landscape images that are unique to you. We will discuss when & where to take photographs and what makes a great landscape image. We will work on composition skills and discover the basic ingredients of good landscape photography.

By the end of the course you will be confident in using your camera's full manual controls and putting all your new skills into practice. You will have the ingredients necessary to build your own style and a portfolio of stunning landscape images. But most of all you may have found a new way to enjoy your hobby and passion for photography.

You will be in the company of others who share the same enthusiasm as you. As on all our courses and workshops the atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly. We do our very best to provide you with a most enjoyable experience.
Our aim is to provide a service that will encourage you to return again and again.
Course dates available:

Sunday 29th October.
Start time 9.45 am.
Ends approx. 1 hour after sunset.