These are genuine messages received from people who have experienced a Go Explore Photography workshop.

Just like you, they are enthusiastic & passionate about their photography. The following comments are the reason I don't pay for big advertising and promotions, because 70% of you return again & again.

I cannot promise you will be the next David Bailey or Henri Cartier Bresson.
But I do promise you will return home a better and improved photographer,
who has the skills to reach their photographic and creative potential.


Hi Garreth just wanted to say thank you for a great afternoon on the half day 1-2-1 workshop. I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful. Thanks for having so much patience with a complete novice like me! I was very pleased with my photographs. The afternoon coffee in the lovely coffee shop was great too! Look forward to seeing you again when I have taken more photos - probably on an editing workshop . Thanks again
Jean Venables

2-2-1 Full day workshop

Thank Garreth for a brilliant course.

I came away with everything that I had hoped, including a full stomach from a beautiful lunch.
I now know what each button means, what's needed and what's not. Thanks
You made us feel that no question was a stupid question, it was relaxed and informative. Brilliant

Thanks once again
Tracey romley

Shropshire Landscape Course

Garreth, just to say thanks for running the landscape course in May. It was the second one I've been on and both have had excellect locations and ample time to look around with assistance on any questions I had, plus of course, very worth while cakes, that kept us going :-)
Tony McCabe

Winter landscape Workshop

Brilliant day out. I learned more in the first 2 hours than I could have possibly learned by myself with months of practise. A brilliant way to fast forward your camera skills and to train your eye. A very enjoyable day, the food was brilliant, the cake exceptional and Garreth was not phased at all by my large collection of stupid questions - the other guys were great Allan and Tony (nice to meet you both) it was nice to be with like minded people, in such unwinterlike but beautiful surroundings. All in all a highlight in my year so far - be warned - I will be back!
Kate Everitt

One day Landscape workshop, Sunday 17th April

What another wonderful course, had an amazing day, Garreth you never stop to amaze me with your knowledge of Photography, and how well you pass your wealth of information on to us in your course's. I got to see places in Shropshire that I had never seen before, truly breath taking places, even got some exercise :-). I cant wait to do the street Photography workshop, once again Thank you . Oh forgot to say Thank Viv for the amazing cake again :-)
Mike Wyle

Workshop Saturday 5th February

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterdays workshop. If only I'd come a year earlier I wouldn't have wasted so many opportunities to capture great images with my SLR. Wonderful relaxed atmosphere with clear, patient and enlightening tuition. My enthusiasm for photography has been re-awakened and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to step up from taking snaps to start taking proper photographs. In 6 hours I learnt more than a year of reading manuals and books .
Mike Hadfield

Saturday's Course

The 'Know your Digital Camera' course I attended last Saturday in a small art studio in Ironbridge was excellent. Right from the beginning the atmosphere was welcoming and relaxed which meant that the information was easily assimilated. Garreth’s affable guidance was thorough and no question went unanswered. The diagrams and written information on the sheets were comprehensive and reader-friendly. The lovely lunch laid on by his wife Vivien was delicious and the surroundings of the art gallery were really pleasant - and interesting too.
Being fairly new to photography I went to Ironbridge expecting to come away with my head full of muddled thoughts and perhaps, if I really concentrated, a few tricks I could remember when taking pictures. But I can truthfully say that I left the studio that evening so full of confidence and understanding of the mechanics of my camera and photography that I was wishing I could begin to photograph things straight away! But I had a long way to go and it was getting dark!
The course was my husband’s birthday present to me – and I can honestly say it was a totally successful one!
I strongly recommend this course to anyone who needs a firm grounding in how to get the very best out of their digital camera while spending a very pleasant day with an expert.

Thanks so much Garreth!
Davena Hooson

Workshop Feedback

Thank you, for a Great day and a great course, I would highly recommended it as it is highly imformative and a must for all new photographers. I came away from the course with a greater understanding of my camera, how to set it up and it's capabilities and most importantly how to use it. Gareth, you made it fun, entertaining and easy to understand and lets not forget a thanks to your wife for the lovely food that was put on for lunch, many thanks.
mike wyle

Get to know your camera course

A brilliant day and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about their camera and how it works. Garreth explained things in an easy-to-understand way and with humour. The fact that it was a small group made it even better with plenty of time to ask questions and get in depth answers. It also meant we were able to drink copious amounts of tea/coffee and eat those more-ish cakes!!!! Mmmmmmm. Lunch was gorgeous and Jenny (a different Jenny with cute pooch Buster) at the Ironbridge Gallery made us feel very welcome. All in all a fabulous day. Thank you Garreth and please feel free to post this on your website.
Ann R

One day workshop

Garreth, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Saturday, as well as finding the information really helpful. I am keen to improve. You have a good relaxed manner and despite our questions kept us focussed (bad pun not intended) and we had a laugh which always helps. Looking forward to joining you on another event.
Lindsey Bucknor


Hi Garreth, it was lovely to meet you. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - not just the cake! - and i am now more confident in using my camera. It was lovely having such a small group, the venue was fine, and of course the catering was excellent. There was a lot of information to take in, and I found your handouts very useful after the course to help me remember everything.
My brother-in-law, who is a keen amateur landscape photographer, asked me what I'd learned on your course, and I surprised myself by how much I was able to tell him!